Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I've been doing

After finally obtaining some basic components (salvaging them, rather) I finally cobbled together a joule thief. I give credit and mad props to for helping me out with this one. Yay! Well that was a good half-hour project.

Anyway, on to bigger and better things. I've finally started/completed (somewhat) work on an 8x8 LED matrix. Everything is all soldered up and running fine; the only thing left is to refine the code for it. Pictures and video are listed below. It's run off three pins from the arduino duemilanove, controlling two 74HC595 shift registers. The code work is a modified code from the ASK manual by earthshine design. Improvements for next time: hook the anodes up to either a transistor or a P-FET, and ground to a darlington array. And make it bigger. Oh and use diffused LEDs (I had clear ones so I decided to use wax paper over the array to diffuse the light a little and make the image clearer).

Oh and finally, one last thing, remember that welder i made and posted about? Well it's all finished now and it looks pretty dang good.