Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Light Writer

Okay, new project time! It's called Light Writer... and it... writes--with light. This ones kind of like POV projects, but slower.

Above is a picture of what it ultimately is capable of.

As the camera takes a long exposure picture, the LEDs blink in sequence to spell out words
In this case, it was still on the breadboard and I moved the camera--not so good.
This is the final case, seen from the top
This is what the case looks like looking at the front
The back of the case. The nuts unscrew to remove the arduino, and there's a power switch that I have to find a home for as well. (I also still have to epoxy the bolts in place)
early breadboarding
Hooray! (again, moving the camera...)

*I modified the example code from the playground to suit my needs (twelve LEDs instead of 5)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

1525 Belt Buckle--Unfinished

I've been trying to make a belt buckle for a while now for my FIRST robotics team (FRC, 1525 if that matters). We have a plasma cutter at our school, so i drew up the buckle in AutoCAD. From there it went into flashcutCNC, and from there the drawing was cut out by the plasma cutter. I had two failed attempts--one was the machine's fault (the torch moved but would not cut... it was strange) and the other was my fault (line underneath a line that i didn't notice, so it cut out that part twice and that resulted in one of the sides being too thin). But here it is now. I plan on lopping off the part for the buckle and the pin and welding them on, but for now, this will do fine. The black sharpie marks will be dremel'd out and leave a little depression where they are to pronounce the numbers better. The only problem is that it cracked where the buckle loop is, so that will have to be welded that back together.